Antarctic ozone hole closes early this year

“Despite a 25-year-old agreement that limits the production and use of ozone-destroying chemicals (the Montreal Protocol), stratospheric ozone in the Arctic and Antarctic regions, as well as globally, is no longer decreasing, but it has not yet started to recover either.”

“Relatively warm stratospheric temperatures helped limit the size of this year’s Antarctic ozone hole, which disappeared completely by Nov. 10, earlier than in recent years.” [Summit County Voice]

5 responses to “Antarctic ozone hole closes early this year

  1. My guess is, the ozone hole being a negative feedback mechanism, it reached its’ limits and shut down for this year.

  2. “Ozone-destroying hemicals such as chorolflouorocarbons and halons have a long atmospheric lifetime, illustrating the delicate balance of the atmospheric system, which is currently being overloaded with heat-trapping greenhouse gases.”

    Delicate. Oh my.

    Is it “a long atmospheric lifetime,” or the correlation between CFCs and upper atmosphere ozone has now been proven coincidental?

    Enviro-whackos never let go.

    • CL2FL2CH4 is a complex molecule ergo,heavy, and cannot reach the stratosphere. It rises to the troposphere where it is precipitated out. The Montreal Protocol is based on the same type of alarmism/lies as all the other Green scams.

      • Dupont fought it for awhile. But they were getting beat up by the press, and someone in marketing realized they could make more money off the Freon replacement than from Freon. So they quit fighting.

  3. This means DuPont is still throwing money at the greenies to protect its patent portfolio on refrigerants. If there was no money in the game, the greenies would move on to a different issue.

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