Taylor & Tanton: Blow off wind-production tax credit

“The cost of wind electricity would not break even with the cost of natural-gas-fired electricity unless the delivered price of natural gas were about $20 per million British thermal units, or four to five times today’s price.”

“Wind-energy advocates claim that with just one more extension of the 20-year-old “temporary” wind-production tax credit, wind generation finally could become competitive with conventional sources of electricity. The truth is, it’s never been competitive — and has only appeared to be close because some of its costs have been subsidized and others have been ignored.” [Washington Times]

2 responses to “Taylor & Tanton: Blow off wind-production tax credit

  1. Michael Goggin, AWEA

    For the full story on how this fossil fuel industry-funded report misrepresents how the power system works and how wind energy is producing significant savings for American consumers, see our explanation:

  2. Thanks for being honest about your affiliation with the wind energy industry Michael. You’re an honest man I don’t happen to agree with.

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