Feulner: No time to get LOST

“President Reagan was right to reject LOST 30 years ago. The U.S. Senate should do the same thing today.” [Washington Times]

One response to “Feulner: No time to get LOST

  1. The “Law of the Sea” has existed as a sort of gentlemen’s agreement – a convention among seamen that allows them to assume each other’s intentions are honorable and that they will aid each other in times of need. In the past the only ‘exceptions’ have been when a formal state of war exists betwee two countries and ships bearing those flags meet. Any aggression by a party outside of the declared war (on or by either non-flagged ships or neutral parties) is considered either piracy or an act of war, respectively.
    A formal LOST agreement can only become a tool for abuse of a large nation by a pack of smaller countries.

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