Harvard hosts coastal disaster forum today

“In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, this Forum event will explore how people and cities rebound from devastating natural disasters and how they prepare for new catastrophes. With millions of people living in coastal cities, coupled with changing weather patterns, natural disasters present significant public health and policy implications  — from managing crises, to safeguarding infrastructure, to bolstering and leveraging the resilience of people and cities. This Forum event will be presented in collaboration with The Huffington Post.
E-mail questions for the expert participants any time before or during the live webcast to theforum@hsph.harvard.edu.”

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5 responses to “Harvard hosts coastal disaster forum today

  1. Except Sandy wasn’t part of “changing weather patterns” was it?

  2. Put aside the “changing weather patterns” nonsense and you have a sensible idea. Lots of people have chosen to live near coasts for many reasons and populations have long been centered near water anyway — along rivers and coasts. Water does damage; any community close to a large body of water should have disaster planning, for heaven’s sake.
    London has been vulnerable to tidal surges up the Thames for centuries; recently, thanks to cheap energy and high productivity, it’s now feasible to defend London with tidal barriers. Now that approach only suits some places, but the idea is key — since tidal surges, storm surges and floods are normal events, humans had better plan for mitigating them as they occur and recovery when they end.

  3. They’ll do like all the others who build/live in beautiful, but dangerous, places – take money from those who can’t afford to build/live there, and rebuild their lovely palaces. Then wait for the next storm, wild fire, flood, etc. and do it all over again. Simple


  4. The main difficulty with weather forecasting is that ‘weather patterns’ are ALWAYS changing, and always have been. As our friends on the other side of the aisle keep reminding us “weather” is not “climate” (unless they want it to be).
    Weather no more represents climate than a single human being represents the entire human race.

  5. The Sandy disaster (in NY/NJ) was not “natural”; it was manmade, due to having built inappropriately for dangerous areas, to poor maintenance, and not otherwise preparing appropriately.

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