USDA to allow more meat, grains in school lunches

Please sir, I want some more. [AP]

6 responses to “USDA to allow more meat, grains in school lunches

  1. “Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told members of Congress in a letter Friday that the department will do away with daily and weekly limits of meats and grains.”

    You know your government is too big when people in Washington DC are telling the people in Dillon, Montana, what to feed their kids at school.

    Prima facie case for eliminating the Department of Agriculture.

  2. We need a Department of Agriculture, it’s indispensable. But they need to stick to agriculture. For food cops we got the FDA.

    • What does the Department of Agriculture do that’s indispensable, couldn’t be done by the state concerned or by a private company?

    • We’ll see how indispensable it is in a couple of years, when the money is gone.

      An infinite variety of indispensables will be gone.

  3. Some really outrageous quotes in the AP article. A “gliche” that doesn’t need Congressional legislation. “Sen. Hoeven, who had written Vilsack to express concern about the rules, said he will be supportive of the meals overhaul if the USDA continues to be flexible when problems arise.” Senators are begging bureaucracies to provide different lunches to kids 2/3’s of a continent away? Cafeteria cooking has enough problems without these bright folks deciding on foods the kids won’t eat. I wonder when they will ban the kids bringing their own lunch?

  4. Someone give me one good, valid reason why we need a department of agriculture. If you say to monitor the farm bills, I’ll p_k_. The next question is why in this day and age are there ANY farm bills?

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