Confronting What We Believe

By Rich Kozlovich

This week there has been posts all over the place talking about Viscount Monkton’s ejection from the U.N. sponsored Climate Change Conference in Qatar. Apparently the conference was to promote global warming initiatives by having everyone holding hands and singing Kumbaya. After which the world would presumably be afflicted with public statements and hysterical claims of ‘tipping points’ and disasters of every nature if we didn’t abandon life as we know it. However, this guy Monckton had the nerve to stand up and publically proclaim that “in the 16 years we have been coming to these conferences, there has been no global warming.” What an outrage to perpetrate on this august assembly! How dare he inject science into a faith based program! They ‘know’ there is warming in spite of the science showing that there hasn’t been any warming for years. How dare a legitimate internationally known representative come into their presence and proclaim…..heresy!

Such outrageous behavior required that Monckton be escorted from the hall by security officers who then stripped him of his UN credentials. His ouster from the conference was followed by calls to deport him from the country. Wow! Ousted and demands for deportation all in one day. You have to admit, the man has style. He also has science on his side. And that is what outrages the neo-pagan global warming community the most. I may be wrong but I believe it was Thomas Sowell that once said that nothing will make someone hate you more than showing them that everything they believe is utter nonsense.

It is clear that these conferences are a really nice vacation for activists, politicos and bureaucrats with the tab picked up by taxpayers who have no idea what their money is being wasted on and tax free foundations or organizations funded by those with a global agenda that will garner them power or money or both. But it can be absolutely established that honest discourse isn’t part of these conferences.

I have a suggestion. If they are so concerned about ‘green house’ gases causing irreparable harm then stop having these conferences where people have to travel from all over the world and get there by jet. Just think how much energy would be saved and how much exhaust gas would not be sent into the atmosphere. Just think how much money could be saved if they conference via a web link of some kind. Of course that would mean inconvenient hours, eating tofu at home versus lobster away, and there would be no more fabulous first class accommodations at the expense of others.  But considering the sacrifices the climate change proponents are demanding of humanity, wouldn’t that be a small sacrifice to pay on their part to save the world? 

I wonder if it is possible that this would be the last conference if this plan was adopted. Of course that would require someone to stand up and make a motion in support of such a move; and now we know what would happen to such a heretic.

5 responses to “Confronting What We Believe

  1. Everyone on the warmist side is terrified of Monckton. He is a polymath with an encyclopedic understanding of the science, economics, and mitigation costs of this subject. He leaves wreckage and pain where ever he goes because no one can stand up to his intellect.

    He is also relentless in his quest to kill this scientific charade of the warmists. I imagine he’s having a great time as well, but he should watch his back. Zealots have been known to turn to violence when their dogma is threatened.

  2. I do wish we could quit referring to AGW as a religion. It makes the Applewhite/Hale-Bopp followers look normal.

  3. My Grandmother once told me that you can measure your own importance by the importance of the people who consider you an enemy. Like Ghandi, Monckton seems to have made enemies in many high places.
    Keep throwing the money changers out of the Temple. Keep telling everybody the Emperor has no clothes.

  4. The reason that AGW is referred to as a religion is because it is based on a belief system that has no foundation. And Applewhite/Hale-Bopp followers killed themselves because of an irrational belief system. Are the AGW believers, who are part and parcel of the green movement, any less rational? While the Applewhite crowd was suicidal, the green movement is misanthropic. Claiming that calling AGW a religion doesn’t make the Applewhite crowd seem normal. It merely clarifies that AGW is lacking in moral and factual foundation because it is a belief system that requires inordinate faith in the face of mounting evidence that fraud was and is being committed.

    • Actually Rich, I think there is a great correspondence between the two. However, not at the top. Applewhite was just as irrational as his followers. I am certain that many if not most of the pols know this is BS and have no intention of committing economic suicide themselves.

      The believers on the other hand are trying to get us all to do a Jonestown/Applewhite and they will lead us to the Kool Aid. If we crash our energy system our aggragate wealth will decline and along with it all our services like healthcare – as in, who could afford it any more. For the neo Malthusians this is the path to righteousness.

      For the rest of us, it sucks.

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