Most New Yorkers believe climate change doom

A new poll has found that most people in New York state believe that climate change caused Hurricane Sandy.

New Yorkers Believe Climate Change Caused Hurricane Sandy: Poll

According to a recent Siena poll, at least 63 percent of voters from across the state — including two-thirds of upstate residents and three-quarters of those in New York City – say severe storms over the last two years demonstrate the existence of global climate change….

Sadly, once fears are believed, no amount of scientific evidence is usually enough to help sway concerns. Few NY residents probably heard that Martin Hoerline, chairman of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s climate variability research program and director of NOAA’s Climate Scene Investigators, debunked the claim that global warming played a significant role in Hurricane Sandy.

NOAA Climate Investigator Says No Link Between Global Warming, Hurricane Sandy

“[N]either the frequency of tropical or extratropical cyclones over the North Atlantic are projected to appreciably change due to climate change, nor have there been indications of a change in their statistical behavior over this region in recent decades,” Hoerling [said]…

“Great events, like this meteorological one, can happen with little cause…Individually, neither the tropical storm nor the extratropical storm that embraced it, were unusual. What makes this a rare, perhaps once in a lifetime event, is the fortuity of their timely (“untimely” as far as most are concerned who sit in harm’s way) intersection.”

 The Huffington Post reported Hoerling’s colleague Randall M. Dole said the convergence of events that made Sandy a superstorm was just “random bad luck.”…

8 responses to “Most New Yorkers believe climate change doom

  1. When the schools are financially dependent on a bureaucracy that rehires/reelects technically ignorant political hacks to the top jobs, then the curriculum will rapidly evolve to reflect the prejudices of the politicians, thus perpetuating their ignorance for the next generation.

    • Westchester Bill

      To tadchem:

      Not so fast on blaming Science education. Nearly half (49%) of Republicans believe that ACORN (defunct in 2010) aided in stealing the 2012 election. 40% of Americans believe in a young Earth and Creation. Neither of these nonsense beliefs are taught in Science clases.

      Sadly, Democrats are beating the drum on Anthropomorphic Global Warming (AGW) as settled Science. Those who frequent this blog know that warnings of Global catastrophe are based to a large degree on Hansen’s factor of three in temperature forcing from the CO2 greenhouse effect. As I understand it, the amplification comes from a coupling of CO2 to H2O. But a recent issue of Science magazine says that clouds hold in heat while their tops reflect heat, and nobody knows which effect dominates the other. The effects may just cancel out. Scientists who know thiese facts would not be on the AGW bandwagon.

      Our local High Scohol with an award winning science program avoids talk of global warming like the plague. I suspect that is true of most schools.

  2. Most of them do believe based on my unscientific poll of all the family I have in Upstate NY. But they also believe that NY is on the right course to be a wonderfull place to live, even given their high taxes and cost of living and a state government that is deeply in debt no matter how much revenue they take in. There’s a reason I live in Texas. Will never go back.

  3. This is a poll that in the midst of a catastrophe measures the willingness to do anything at all to avoid another one if someone said there was a chance it would help. Now ask them if they think making all taxi cabs electric will save them from the next hurricane.

  4. Most people suffering hurricanes merely slough off the things, pick themselves up, and start rebuilding. Not so New Yorkers, They have to continually whine and carp about their plight and wallow in pity parties.

    It is no surprise they are looking for a scape goat. I am surprised they have not blamed Bush yet.

  5. Problem with this is the New Yorkers will insist everyone pay for their irrational behaviour. They are going to want everyone to cut emissions, etc, because they bought into the lie. That’s the problem with this–they steal everyone’s money to pay for their fears. Look for there to be taxes to support mediums and psychics to warn NY when the next disaster comes.

  6. It figures that the people of NY State, and maybe especially those of NY City, believe in human-induced climate change. They continue to elect charlatans and fools at the local, state and federal levels and they believe what the charlatans tell them.
    If their errors were confined to their own state, it would be bad enough. But the bad voting of New Yorkers has a harmful influence through the federal government and through “me-too” stupidity in other states.

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