Gore Doubles Down: Claims to give all his Kleiner Perkins income to climate charity


From a Grist.org interview with Al Gore:

Q. One thing that pops up every time you enter this debate is this notion that you’ve made a bunch of money off your green investments. I remember you saying to Congress that you’ve donated that money to your climate group.

A. I have. The question was about Kleiner Perkins [a venture-capital firm in which Gore is an investment partner]. I have given, and do give, every year, 100 percent of my salary and 100 percent of distributions from Kleiner Perkins to the Climate Reality Project. There is absolutely no income of any sort from Kleiner Perkins that I do not give completely and totally to the Climate Reality Project.

BTW, the referenced statement to Congress was prompted by the efforts of JunkScience.com.


  1. Weren’t people outraged that Mitt Romney gave his charitable donations to the Mormon church? I see no difference between Al Gore giving to Climate Reality and Romney to his church. Both gave to something they believe in and benefit from. So why no outrage over Gore?


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