EHP refuses to investigate EPA researcher misconduct

Environmental Health Perspectives editor Hugh Tilson today refused to investigate EPA researchers for scientific misconduct, offering instead to handle the matter as a mere “letter to the editor.”

Last week we transmitted to Tilson prima facie evidence that EPA researchers Andrew Ghio, Wayne Cascio and Martha Sue Carraway committed researcher misconduct by omitting material information from a September 2011 study.

There so far is no “good faith” dispute of the facts we presented. Allowing Ghio/Cascio/Carraway to escape investigation/prosecution by simply responding to a letter (likely in an obfuscatory manner) is unacceptable.

3 thoughts on “EHP refuses to investigate EPA researcher misconduct”

  1. It’s a taxpayer-subsidized/funded journal. NIH. And having been played by EHP personally in such a manner as Milloy, he should stick with this to the bitter, possibly fruitless end.

  2. Drop your subscription. Urge your alma mater to do the same. I would have done it after reading the initial article, much less after finding up the followups.

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