3 thoughts on “'Clean Energy' Dead-Ender: Vinod Khosla”

  1. California CARB fuel was close to zero ethanol in our fuel in 1992..

    1992 fuel price about $1.40 per gallon.

    Ethanol push from fed EPA and friends pushed ethanol to 5.6% and we paid more for our fuel.

    Fed EPA and Big oil refiners pushed the oxygenate to 10% and we paid more.

    Now BP GMO fuel is pushing for over $1.00 in corporate welfare with 15% of the fuel market while cutting back Oil and refining

    Will BP GMO fuel patents generate credit trade income from the Big oil industry with the Queen Mother help.

    The Queen banker friends may want a share.

    So. how big does California ethanol bill need to be to qualify for the EPA waiver?

    Can Mary Nichols and Governor Brown support a BP GMO fuel ethanol waiver? Motorcycle, Classic car, Lawn tool engines, Boat, & the beef just might like a choice of fuel ethanol opinion, a waiver. Can Governor Brown use the 10th amendment to support California Waiver.

  2. Reads like an effort to gainsay the almost universally dismal performance of “green energy” startups as part of a concerted effort by NYT to help BHO get “climate change” back on the public radar and to justify a return to generous government support and more regulations. VCs fund startups for 3 years, then look to get out and cash in. When BHO was elected the first time, the VCs saw a short-term gravy train of subsidies, grants, and loans that would greatly reduce their own capital exposure while stimulating orders, and give them enough time to get values up and sell with a handsome return before the bottom eventually fell out. Kleiner-Perkins even had Gore as a partner. Crony “capitalism” at its worst.

    Historically, tech startups truly succeed only 10% of the time, flat-out fail 30% of the time, and wallow (then eventually fail) the other 60%. This is gambling; and government has no business in it, especially as it uses other peoples’ money (without their prior consent or knowledge), and the politicians and bureaucrats do not suffer from the failures.

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