12 thoughts on “Claim: Global warming causes diabetes”

  1. I have T2 diabetes. At six foot height I weigh 160 pounds, not overweight by any stretch of imagination nor under / over nourished (how can one be overnourished?). I will note that the International Diabetes Foundation will never receive any contribution from me when it spouts this rubbish.

  2. Well, there does seem to be a link betweem global warmism and intellectual flatulence, but that’s just a personal theory.

  3. When i saw IDF, I thought it was Israel Defense Forces. What were they doing about the “Climate Change” issue? Then I saw it just was another bunch of bureaucrats.

  4. Correlation is not causation. This reality was repeatedly made during the statistics and marketing research classes I took in college. And still they call it science…

  5. Just when I thought they could not pull another earth shattering pronouncement out of the hat, they stretch the envelope just a wee bit further – fortunately even envelopes can only hold so much crap – as T2 person myself I would suggest that this T2 is just another ride on another merry-go-round with lots of people making lots of bucks from disseminating fear and confusion.

  6. Global Warming has the Philadelphia Eagles at 3 and 6. My God somebody do something. Oh the Humanities! How stupid do these people think we are I keep asking myself.

  7. Slightly less goofy than the pirate correlation. If you’re crazy enough to believe the hype, it’s plausible. Far-fetched and certainly undetectable, but plausible.

    Wait, they’re serious.

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