Challenge issued to the University of Montana's Curtis Noonan

Show us a body, dude. Put up or shut up.

University of Montana associate professor Curtis Noonan asserts that the new EPA PM2.5 standard will prevent 35,000 deaths annually.

Curtis, we defy you to show us one person who has been harmed (in any way) by ambient PM2.5.

One thought on “Challenge issued to the University of Montana's Curtis Noonan”

  1. I love these magic numbers they keep coming up with. Usually it’s a combination of guesstimates coupled with Linear No Threshold (LNT) lunacy. Or like Briffa, et al, they just throw out anything that doesn’t support the story line.

    Thanks to folks like Milloy, Watts, et al, I’ve gotten into asking for the source of their numbers. In cases like this a cry of, “Habeas Corpus!!” is also an excellent tactic. Pretty soon it all comes apart while they still scream, “death, destruction, [give me the money]”.

    I love asking one of these yobs or their echotards to, “Name one.” Either they splutter and bugger off somewhere or try some nonsense like, “Everyone knows…”

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