3 thoughts on “Alarmist Ploy: Institutional Divestment of Fossil Fuel Investments”

  1. Ms. Klein’s attack on productive self interest is doomed to failure in the long run.

    Won’t stop her or her ilk, of course, but the fuel will still be there long after such as she are dust.

  2. “Anybody who takes fossil fuel money is gonna have to justify themselves.” As opposed to having to justify sucking off the pubic (taxpayers’) teat? Who are the greater threat?

  3. YES! There goes mountains of money for wind turbines. I see no way these people can support OIL billionaire Anshutz putting a thousand wind turbines in with all the dirty oil money. I await word that the environmentalists will no longer live on the oil industry’s money and divest themselves of Anshutz, Pickens, Buffett, etc. No more dirty money in clean energy.

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