Omnologos: Global Warming? Nevermind the Warming, still nobody knows if it’s Global…

How Global is Global Warming? A very interesting [“key challenges”] slide from the “WMO Technical Conference on Meteorological and Environmental Instruments and Methods of Observation organized by CIMO WMO (Commission for Instruments and Methods of Observations of the World Meteorological Organization) (Brussels, Belgium, 16-18 October 2012).

Every “key challenge” would be interesting to explore but of course the one about “Data” is particularly telling: “The current availability and quality of climate observations and impacts data are inadequate for large parts of the globe“.

For all the discussions and conferences and proclamations we have been having since the IPCC AR4 in 2007, one has to wonder how little we have moved on the basics.

Read the rest here.

One response to “Omnologos: Global Warming? Nevermind the Warming, still nobody knows if it’s Global…

  1. Back in the 1980’s terrestrial thermometers were indicating a global warming. A satellite devoted to recording temperatures of the Earth’s atmosphere did not see any warming or cooling. The satellite data was thoroughly examined but no problem was found. About 15 years later somebody found that the satellite viewed the same area on Earth from different angles – it did not look straight down. Adjusting for these angles brought the satellite into agreement with the terrestrial data.

    But now we have had according to Dr Spencer no warming for over 15 years according to the satellite while guys on TV say that the globe is warming rapidly. One would presume that Dr. Spencer’s data takes account of viewing angles.

    Maybe the satellite data has been correct all along.

    Similarly the impact of Hurricane Sandy was enhanced by a roughly 1 foot rise of sea level over the previous 100 years. GLOBAL WARMING is doing it. But the rise of sea levels has been at a constant rate for hundred of years. After all the mile high glacier that sat on New York State 21,000 years ago had to go someplace.

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