Tucker: Romney should have embraced a carbon tax

William Tucker laughably argues in the American Spectator that Romney should have embraced a carbon tax to win the election and that millions of [presumably voting] Americans care about Mayor Bloomberg’s views on climate. [American Spectator]

5 responses to “Tucker: Romney should have embraced a carbon tax

  1. The problem with Romney is that he wanted to win so badly he imitated Obama. His idealistic voters didn’t bother to show up when he scorned the likes of Ron Paul. He never spoke of “personal freedom”. He was, in fact, “Obama light” and intelligent voters knew it.

  2. Yep, Republican vote was down. Pushing a Carbon Tax could have achieved even lower level of turnout.

  3. I heard on the radio on November 2 that the Democrats were voting early in record numbers. Conservatives vote early, not liberals. In the “purple” states Obama volunteers were enlisting as many people to vote for Obama and carrying them into the closest election precinct. These volunteers brought thousands of voters to vote for Obama who would not have voted at all otherwise. The re-election committee out-hustled the Republican activists in the “purple” states which elected Obama.

  4. The Carbon Tax is a looser. Look at the numbers of the ruling party in Australia since implementing one.

    The GOP will never win without a conservative candidate. They wouldn’t even give serious consideration to the candidate with the most conservative voting record in congress this time around. As long as the progressives and neocons run the party, expect them to be loosers.

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