Another college environmental studies program opens

A new environmental studies center named after Robert Redford has opened at Pitzer College in Los Angeles.

Redford creates ecology program with Calif college

A California college is teaming up with Robert Redford to create a program where students can combine environmental studies with media and liberal arts. The Los Angeles Times reports Tuesday that Pitzer College, one of the seven Claremont Colleges, is creating the Robert Redford Conservancy for Southern California Sustainability with a $10 million gift from Nicholas and Susan Pritzker, parents of a Pitzer graduate who support environmental causes. Redford is a trustee of the college and serves as its special adviser on the environment.

Robert Redford Conservancy Launches at Pitzer College

The Robert Redford Conservancy for Southern California Sustainability at Pitzer College will educate the next generation of environmental change-makers.

According to the press release, “the Pritzkers are dedicated to promoting human rights, environmental sustainability, social justice and drug policy reform. They support numerous philanthropic organizations including the Clean Energy Trust and Conservation International.” Its fact sheet adds that Pitzer College is the national leader in Fulbright Fellowships awarded each year. Redford spoke at the grand opening:

Robert Redford’s new hope for climate change deal

Actor and director Robert Redford is almost as well known these days for his environmental activism. He has campaigned against the controversial “fracking” process used to extract natural gas and for a shift away from America’s dependence on fossil fuels to more renewable forms of energy.

At the opening of a new environmental studies centre named after him at Pitzer College near Los Angeles, he spoke to the BBC’s Rajesh Mirchandani about the politics of climate change…

12 responses to “Another college environmental studies program opens

  1. I thought Redford was famous for his salad dressing. Obviously things are far worse.

  2. That was Paul Neuman, Create a whole class of know nothing activists who’s main mission is to tie up every effort of human invention and ingenuity in court. More believers in the ridiculous Precautionary Principle.

  3. “He has campaigned against the controversial “fracking” process”

    Controversial? To whom? The liberal, environmentalist, journalist trained at Pitzer?

  4. Named for an Idiot who was actually Asked to get the hell out of college. What a waste of time.

  5. Notice it is “Environmental Studies”, no pretence even of studying “environmental sciences”. Perhaps that links to the fact that Robert Redford “serves as [the college’s] special adviser on the environment”. Not known for his scientific studies.

  6. Colleges like idealism more than they like realism. Politically correct studies are colleges’ version of a homeless person with a placard: Will ideologue for funds.

  7. At the end of each year of jousting with the challenges of sustainability, there should be a grand award event with categories of environmental sustainability such as: fart stopping butt plugs for cows and other animals. Free passes to the nearest FEMA prison for climate skeptics–etc. I dub them “The Don Quijote Awards”

  8. I’ve hired about 10 folks with majors in Environmental Whatcamacallit. 8 of the 10 didn’t know anything and had a great deal of trouble learning how to be in the industrial environmental business. Most of the 8 with degrees couldn’t name the major environmental laws much less tell me what they covered. They spend 4 years in school and then I’m expected to educate them. I’m not too impressed with anyone’s enviromental studies department.

    • Try hiring chemical engineers. We actually know what we’re doing in chemistry and engineering, and the analytical thought process helps in interpreting the law.

  9. Just what qualifies Redford to be an advisor in environmental studies? Does he know Al Gore personally? This group should have to state up front that its intended objective is to indoctrinate students in the implementation of Agenda 21.

  10. And people wonder why most environmental engineers don’t have degrees in environmental engineering. Instead of a mix of engineering courses, chemistry, and law, it’s a bunch of feel-good nonsense.

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