IBD: Is The Obama EPA Running Its Own Black-Ops Program?

“Chris Horner, the CEI senior fellow who learned about the secret emails while researching his book ‘The Liberal War on Transparency,’ calls the Obama White House “one of the most secretive administrations ever.” [Investors Business Daily]

One response to “IBD: Is The Obama EPA Running Its Own Black-Ops Program?

  1. Latest as of 11/21 is that Richard Windsor is the official communications E-Mail address for the director of the EPA used by everyone in the administration and in government. There is another one for all the public citizen, spam, and crank “contact the director at” address that gets buiried in 1.5 million E-Mails. EPA says Richard was a dog’s name and Windsor was a place she lived. Explains everything, doesn’t it?

    I’d call it a gray op along with things like funding supposed independents and crittics as a pretense to a goal of regulation, “crucifixions” and initiatives meant to kill activities without admitting it. But who knows what the FOIA will yield. Meanwhile, the unethical experiments and hidden adverse results controversies explored by Milloy are still two of their black ops piled on top of beige ops junk science using statistical persons killed or injured and other “studies” underlying the whole mess.

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