Flatulence debunked as major cause of global warming

Curbing methane emissions from farting animals may now be ranked lower as an environmental issue at the UN, but the livestock industry remains a focus. It recently appointed Mitloehner as chairman of its new Food and Agriculture Organization to measure the environmental impacts of the livestock industry.

Prof debunks flatulence as major cause of global warming

There’s been quite a stink over farting, belching farm animals ruining the planet, and professor Frank Mitloehner wants to clear the air. Mitloehner, an air quality specialist at the University of California-Davis has been on a one-man mission debunking misconceptions about livestock and climate change.

On Monday, he spoke to the Montana Farm Bureau Federation in Billings about how methane gas from livestock was misidentified as the bigger greenhouse gas source than airplanes, trains and automobiles combined. Mitloehner is not a climate change denier, but said agriculture is getting a bad rap….

In 2006, the United Nations concluded that the livestock industry was a big contributor to climate change. In its report “Livestock’s Long Shadow,” the U.N. concluded that livestock were contributing 18 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases — allegedly more than the entire world’s transpiration. The U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change used the report to forecast that Himalayan glaciers might vanish within 25 years.

Outside groups reacted to the U.N.’s claims by launching efforts to slow global warming by getting the public to go meatless one day a week, as way of lowering demand for livestock products. Mitloehner convinced the U.N. to recant its claim in 2010….

4 responses to “Flatulence debunked as major cause of global warming

  1. IDK, our cats can clear a room real fast with a little poof of concentrated evil. If a little kitty cat can do that much damage, imagine what a bovine gas generator can do!

    C’mon, who needs science to tell you if it smells like $hit, it probably is!

    • If one could can dog pharts, assuming the Geneva Convention folks don’t balk, then one would have a truly fantastic, fast acting crowd dispersal agent for riots. ha ha ha ha

  2. Oh darn! I guess I can cut back on the burritos and Scotch then. I tire of these ten below zero Minnesota winters and here I thought I could actually do something about it. Ah well…

  3. Does this mean there won’t be a fart tax?

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