Deep Fried Donuts Injected With Liquor

Take that, food nannies. []

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8 responses to “Deep Fried Donuts Injected With Liquor

  1. Love that picture Petrossa. Just goes to show that genetics are probably more important than minor tweaking of the diet.

  2. I know next to nothing about genetics, but i do know that my 59yr vegan brother (59) looks like the left witch and i 57yr carnivore look like the right hottie.
    Metaphorically speaking ofcourse :)

    Based on those parameters and the law of chance i’d hesitate strongly to call genetics into the mix, but rather that vegetarian diet is really bad for the skin.

  3. I don’t know how much genetics is a factor, but I do know that the food nannies’ diet will NOT guarantee you can be slender and attractive. Henry VIII never drank a soda,
    and Buddha was a vegan

  4. I love the first comment on Fox: “Drunkin’ Donuts”? How about “Krispy Kreme de Menthe”?

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