Claim: Global warming causes diabetes

“The link between diabetes and climate change is highlighted in a new report from the IDF and supported by Bupa, which aims to put non-communicable diseases (NCDs) high on the international agenda.” [The Guardian]

12 responses to “Claim: Global warming causes diabetes

  1. Oh, when I first saw it I thought it said “debates”.

  2. I have T2 diabetes. At six foot height I weigh 160 pounds, not overweight by any stretch of imagination nor under / over nourished (how can one be overnourished?). I will note that the International Diabetes Foundation will never receive any contribution from me when it spouts this rubbish.

  3. Well, there does seem to be a link betweem global warmism and intellectual flatulence, but that’s just a personal theory.

  4. When i saw IDF, I thought it was Israel Defense Forces. What were they doing about the “Climate Change” issue? Then I saw it just was another bunch of bureaucrats.

  5. All this time I thought it was genetics. Who can I sue for having diabetes.

  6. Friend of John Galt

    Correlation is not causation. This reality was repeatedly made during the statistics and marketing research classes I took in college. And still they call it science…

  7. Just when I thought they could not pull another earth shattering pronouncement out of the hat, they stretch the envelope just a wee bit further – fortunately even envelopes can only hold so much crap – as T2 person myself I would suggest that this T2 is just another ride on another merry-go-round with lots of people making lots of bucks from disseminating fear and confusion.

  8. Global Warming has the Philadelphia Eagles at 3 and 6. My God somebody do something. Oh the Humanities! How stupid do these people think we are I keep asking myself.

  9. Slightly less goofy than the pirate correlation. If you’re crazy enough to believe the hype, it’s plausible. Far-fetched and certainly undetectable, but plausible.

    Wait, they’re serious.

  10. Speaking of goofy, now global warming is also accused of killing the worlds coffee industry.

  11. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    thanks, I needed that

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