Grover Norquist: Bonehead of the Day

Petraeus et al. notwithstanding…

Americans for Tax Reform chief Grover Norquist says a carbon tax would not necessarily violate his group’s “no-tax” pledge. According to the National Journal:

In a step that may help crack open the partisan impasse on climate change, Grover Norquist, the influential lobbyist who has bound hundreds of Republicans to a pledge never to raise taxes, told National Journal that a proposed “carbon tax swap”—taxing carbon pollution in exchange for cutting the income tax—would not violate his pledge.

Norquist’s assessment matters a lot, and could help pave the way for at least a handful of Republicans to support the policy. Over the past six months, a growing number of conservative voices, including former Republican officials and renowned economists, have amped up pressure on their party to finally address climate change…

I will explain in a forthcoming commentary why a carbon tax is pointless and inflationary — regardless of any illusory tradeoff. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, why is Norquist giving aid and comfort to greens who manufactured the “climate crisis” in order to arrest and control the economy?

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2 responses to “Grover Norquist: Bonehead of the Day

  1. Great, just what we need, a real tax on a phoney product supporting a voodoo science pseudo crisis propping up a social agenda. Yeech!

  2. Smarter than he average voter

    I guess, Grover, it just depends whose ox is being gored. After all skyrocketing electric rates can be passed on to the consumer anyway. Just some more profit I guess. Soon, I won’t be able to afford my house, to keep it warm or cook the few beans I might be able to afford. but don’t worry about me. I’m 65 and Barry’s med counsel is goin’ to get me anyway. Thanks Grover for all the help.

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