Followup: Proposal 3 Failed

Michigan voters rejected Proposal 3 which would have created a constitutional ammendment, the first in the country, requiring utilities to derive at least 25% of their electrical sales from wind, solar, biomass and hydropower by 2025.

Michigan rejects measure to expand renewable energy standard

A ballot measure to expand Michigan’s renewable energy standard was soundly defeated at the polls Tuesday, after a hard-fought battle in which the measure’s opponents outspent supporters by a three-to-one margin and blanketed airwaves with ads. As of this posting, early returns showed 73 percent of voters rejecting the measure….

4 responses to “Followup: Proposal 3 Failed

  1. Neither the Laws of Physics nor the Laws of Economics can be overturned by legislative fiat. If it is a waste of money then it is a waste of money. Congratualtions to the majority of Michigan voters for being able to recognize such despite the idealist tyrants.

  2. Well poot. I was looking forward to my property value going up as people fled Michigan.

  3. As a Michigander, I question the “3 to 1 out spent by oppents claim”. I seem to recall being regularly pummeled with “yes prop 3 ads”. Perhaps they are only counting certain groups to get the 3:1 ratio?
    From the article: With so much misinformation” put out by the measure’s opponents, “we don’t think we had a real debate,”
    Excuse me, but the prop 3 supporters used ads claiming it would reduce our need for middle east oil and big oil was against prop 3.
    Michigan produces 0.4% of its electricty from oil (which i suspect are co-gen plants.)
    Likewise another ad suggested we should vote for it because the ulities , who are always raising our rates are against it.
    Well excuse me, but our rates and new fees are have been going up due to the our 10% RE standard.
    Throw in all the solar and battery companies that failed to create all the promised jobs, the treat of wind turbines blanketing the lakes and you will understand why prop3 failed.

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