Browner calls for federal fracking regulations

“Right now states are responsible for overseeing fracking. That means there could be 20 to 30 different state regulations imposed on fracking businesses. Why not develop one set of national requirements based on the best available science and technology and leave the oversight and enforcement up to the states?” [New York Times]

15 responses to “Browner calls for federal fracking regulations

  1. Because EPA is incapable of basing anything on science. EPA only does political science and environmentalist dogma.

  2. I agree snorbert. Saying we need one way of doing things is saying we need to fix something that isn’t broken. Rock formations differ from state to state and call for different methods for fracking. Browner and the Feds need to BUTT OUT. They are already destroying the coal industry and want to smash down on anyone spewing “dangerous” CO2 which strains other important industries. Why should we think they will do any better with Fracking?

  3. This is necessary because the Federal Government is your nanny and you need taken care of. My advice: get a wood stove (not pellet), stock up wood, blankets, propane in cylinders, a propane heater and get ready for a long, cold winter. Until people are really, really cold this nonsense will continue. The nanny state always looks good till the nanny takes her money and runs of to the Bahamas with the boyfriend, leaving the trusting infants bawling in their cribs. Being infants, they never see it coming.

    • So how many individuals are you willing to see die for stocking up wood? I’m one of those who are lucky enough to live in the country with enough land to heat my house by wood for the rest of my life, if properly managed. I am also close enough to a large city where a thousand or more individuals would show up to acquire enough wood to heat THEIR house/apartment if they follow your advice and I would take measures to prevent that as much as possible!

      • I did not recommend stealing wood at gun point. Many people in cities have no wood burning stoves, especially in apartments. And how many people do think are going to die when THEIR power goes out and you still have wood? So I should advise people to stay fat, dumb and happy and hope everything works out? Never prepare, just react…..Is that not how we got in this mess? You may actually be more scary than the government.

    • Better yet, move to Texas. We’ll welcome ya’ll Yankees as long as you’re willing to work.

  4. Why Not? Because unless you can prove that the potential Environmental Effects cross STATE LINES, you have no authority to tell states what they can and can’t do regarding a purely INTERNAL matter such as drilling for oil or gas. How about some Constitutional Authority lacking for WHY NOT?

  5. Would you be referring to that inters with the government taking care of the very needy? We don’t use that anymore. It’s too uncaring.

  6. Correction (bad typing day):
    “referring to that document which interferes with”

  7. We don’t call her Carol Brownout for nothing….

  8. This would have been perfectly within the authority of the US Bureau of Mines – if we still HAD a US Bureau of Mines. The problem is the USBM had no ‘bullying rights’ – no authority to intimidate the regulatees or assess 7-figure fines like the DOE or the EPA – no enforcement ‘arm’ – just a mandate to make sure the industry was safe for all concerned.

  9. Fracking is great! I love earthquakes.

  10. Fracking is great! I love US oil and US natural gas.

  11. Browner was a Gore protege and a prominent member of Socialist International Commission for a Sustainable Society.Where do you think her “best available science” is going to dictate?

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