Bloomberg endorses Obama because of global warming

As Bugs Bunny might say, “What an ultramaroon.” [Bloomberg]

8 responses to “Bloomberg endorses Obama because of global warming

  1. He barely has enough sense to come in out of the rain…

  2. He also wants the federal government (taxpayers) to pick up the entire $6 billion in damages caused by the storm. Something about state and local governments hit hard because of the economy. Well if he had any brains he would know Obama is the cause of the poor economy. Typical liberal democrat.

  3. Those poor Eastern US states hit by Sandy are experiencing a true Earth day .A week plus long living in the dark,cold,no gas ,water, electricity ,transportation, no food ,a Week Plus of No carbon emission. Is this not what those enviro nuts are asking from our society? … well there you go Zero Human Carbon Emission. How do they like the EARTH HOUR now?

  4. And the Ultra Maroons are greatly offended.

  5. It looks to me like it would be relatively easy to build storm gates at the mouth of the hudson – close them during a major storm. Why this hasn’t been done already ??? They do this stuff in Europe.

    I suspect the eco-freeks would stop the project for some reason or other.

  6. Not feeling much pity here (see moniker)

  7. Bloomberg endorses Obama because they are both on the same cripple America via the green movement team. Global warming?? What global warming?

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