Teenager died in 1996 government-funded air pollution experiment at Univ. Rochester; University now using diabetics as air pollution guinea pigs

We can now say that government-sponsored air pollution experiments have killed more people than any recent air pollution.

In April 1996, a 19-year old University of Rochester student died while earning $150 as a guinea pig in an air pollution experiment. She was apparently overdosed with lidocaine during a bronchoscopy. The research was funded by the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Science (NIEHS).

The University of Rochester has apparently gotten over the death of Haiyan “Nicole” Wan and has moved on to testing concentrated air pollution particles on diabetics via funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


Occurring through at least September 30, 2012, the purpose of the experiments on diabetics was described as follows:

These studies will use controlled human clinical exposures to test the hypothesis that inhalation of ambient ultrafine and fine PM causes measurable changes in coagulation and cardiovascular function, that these effects are determined by PM-associated reactive oxygen species, and that subjects with Type II diabetes are at increased risk for these effects.

The University of Rochester received $8 million for the recent “research.”

Show us the bodies, EPA — and your wayward air pollution experiments don’t count.

14 thoughts on “Teenager died in 1996 government-funded air pollution experiment at Univ. Rochester; University now using diabetics as air pollution guinea pigs”

  1. When it comes to human experimentation there is no difference between the US government and the Nazi’s. Do a little research, this has been going on for years, and not just with the EPA.

  2. Even a minor threat can push someone on the edge over. Besides, the real danger wasn’t the particulates, but the carcinogens, the CO, and all the rest of the material in the diesel exhaust.

  3. Not sure why they are actually carrying out such tests, since these particles are proven NOT HARMFUL. Funny thing is that some people actually died being exposed to a harmless threat…

  4. Now that is a very good comment! Is this documented anywhere as it would provide extremely important support for Steve’s suit

  5. I remember that when EPA banned the pesticide Dursban, the agency said that the primary support for the lack of harm from the pesticide came from human exposure experiments done with convicts in the 1940s and that the use of human exposure data was immoral. EPA therefore expunged the human exposure data from their IRIS evaluation and found, on the basis of rodent data, that Dursban posed a risk to humans.

    Apparently, it is OK to use human exposure data to support extraordinarily excessive rules, but it is immoral to use existing human exposure data to support continued sale of a useful pesticide.

  6. Apparently human testing has been going on for quite some time. The EPA pm “super center” is located at the Harvard School of Public Health http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/epacenter/index.html
    They appear to have developed rather sophisticated methods of analyzing particulate and chemical constituents, concentrating fine and ultrafine particles and even have/had a couple of buses that they could test up to 12 human subjects simultaneously in traffic. This research has been done jointly with Canada. Apparently neither government has much in the way of scruples when it comes to testing human subjects with supposedly deadly stuff. We seemingly have done the healthy, ill and approaching elderly. What’s next, children?

  7. These brave people are putting their lives and careers on the line in the noble cause of saving the planet from the looming menace of pollution. In such a mighty cause, should we not be emboldened by their sacrifice, and move on with redoubled efforts?

    Seriously, you gotta consider how these people think. They’ve killed and impoverished people, wrecked families and businesses, and pillaged and plundered and squandered their way through vast fortunes with utter impunity. Their guilt would drive them to suicide if they didn’t believe the justice of their cause excuses even the most monstrous excess. With their power and conviction, the EPA pose a clear and present danger to civilization–a civilization many of them openly despise.

    Thank God this isn’t the US military. If it were, we’d all be serfs and paupers, or humping boxes of ammo through muddy trenches.

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