3 thoughts on “Daily Tar Heel: Unethical human testing exposed”

  1. Humans don’t matter to the true “progressive.” Witness the millions of people who died of malaria after EPA virtually banned DDT. This after months of EPA hearings which concluded that properly used DDT posed no risk to human health or the environment. EPA ignored their own findings and callously applied the precautionary principle. And millions died. Try to find a leftist who cares. I can’t. So don’t expect the left to care about a couple of students who might die in the name of more oppressive and unnecessary environmental regulation. Of course, the real issue is that EPA doesn’t believe their own misrepresentations about the toxicity of particulate matter. But admitting this is tantamount to admitting that they have perjured themselves before Congress and that most of their rule proposals are based on nonexistent benefits.

  2. Reporting on this incident obviously poses a challenge to editorial policy at the student newspaper. Liberals love big government and the US EPA is probably the greenest agency in the entire solar system. A couple comments to the article very nearly imply that it’s OK if a couple people die in EPA experiments if it leads to stronger regulations. As comments pile up, I wouldn’t be surprised to see at least one person suggest that dying in one of these experiments would be a noble sacrifice for the common good. The lesson here may be that the Green Left and the EPA are more dangerous, ideologically and otherwise, than any of us ever thought.

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