America Is Only Nation Where Climate Scientists Face Organized Harassment

This wonderful piece of Journalism comes from “Inside Climate News”,  author, Katherine Bagley, 10th September 2012.

“While outspoken scientists of human-caused climate change in the United States endure torrents of freedom of information requests, hate mail and even death threats from skeptics, their counterparts abroad have been free to do their work without fear.

“I feel for my American colleagues and what they’ve had to deal with,” said Tim Lenton, an earth system scientist who specializes in climate tipping points at the University of Exeter  in the UK.

 Already, there is evidence of the U.S. public being swayed, said Tony Leiserowitz, director of the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication.

Climategate, for instance, the 2009 hacking of emails from the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit in the UK, “had a significant impact” on public opinion, he said. During that scandal, U.S. skeptics pounced mainly on emails written by Michael Mann, director of the Earth System Science Center at Penn State University, as evidence that he and others were overstating the human influence on global warming.Since then, Mann was cleared of any wrongdoing, and the scientific consensus has strengthened—virtually all working U.S. climate researchers believe human activity is causing the climate to warm.  

Lenton, the scientist from the University of Exeter, said he believes it comes down to political leadership, which helps to increase public confidence in the science, and to deter skeptics.

After the United States, the country with the most harassment by skeptics is Australia.  Coal industry groups in Australia have sought to cast doubt on climate science and have lobbied against carbon emission limits. But political will for climate action has been strong enough to counter their opposition.

The finishing touch is the rebutted claim that several researchers at the Australian National University in Canberra, located in the southeastern part of the country, had to be relocated to a secure facility after they received a deluge of threats from skeptics.

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21 responses to “America Is Only Nation Where Climate Scientists Face Organized Harassment

  1. The answer to your dilemma Katherine is really quite simple demand an open debate against the skeptics so you can show the world that they don’t have the knowledge or the science to back up what they say. If you don’t have the wherewithal to do that then hush up and listen to them you just might learn something.

  2. Thus implying that only in America do we truly enjoy freedom from government-controlled media. The truth is out there….

  3. Should be law against FOI requests, isn’t it Katherine?

  4. You have to have a really twisted view of the world to believe that FOI requests are oppressive. I suppose next she’ll say that assumption of innocence is just too big of a burden on the criminal justice system.

  5. It is just the opposite, In academic circles, it is the warmers that Bully those who, through their own thoughtful judgement, think that AGW is just a bunch of whoee.

  6. Australia desperately needs some American country folk to re-settle our rapidly abandoned country towns and help my old friend Don Quixote fight the windmills that are desecrating the countryside. Please apply to the Immigration Department. And you can wear colt 45’s on your hips if you like, but just be discreet near the country hotels and the police. The latter have capsicum spray.

    • “And you can wear colt 45′s on your hips if you like”

      My understanding is that handguns are verboten in Australia. I’d consider moving to Australia, but I don’t think there is a ship big enough to carry all my guns


        Gamecock, it works like this: if anyone queries your holsters just tell them it’s a trial run for a film company that’s doing a remake of the Ned Kelly story – Ned and Kelly are the two magic words that solves anything over here. Always remember that. And by the way, my espionage lads (I think you call them CIA or something), tell me that there’s a BIG fishing trawler lying idle in South Australia, and I am sure they would be willing to do a deal. This is one BIG ship, so you should be right.

    • Easier to get here if you rent a boat in Indonesia and ask the Australian (Taxi Service) Navy to come pick you up. That way you can get superior welfare benefits, mobile phone unlimited calls, etc. The things a poor Australian (well any Australian really) would cherish.


        Streetcred, I would definitely not recommended coming via Indonesia or Malaysia. Trust me. Just hire a plane and fly to Byron Bay (named after that great freedom fighter Lord Byron – distant cousin of Monckton I believe). You’ll be OK. Just like California but no regulations. Trust me.

  7. Katherine Bagley simply HAS to be blood kin to Timothy Treadwell. This is historical self-delusion!
    I am sick and tired of having honest questions met by insults and curses by the so called scientists and their zealous followers.
    If she really hates FOI demands allowed by a free society and freedom of speech, there are tin horn dictators around the world that would welcome her patronage.

  8. This article is fishy from end to end. In the US, the most ‘powerful response’ to opponents of AGW has been to change the locks on a few office doors of AGW scientists. Sure, Mike Mann got himself an escort of bodyguards once, but rapper ‘musicians’ do the same. FOIA requests have discovered that ‘threatening’ emails over AGW are actually pretty vague.

    In Italy, anti-nuclear activists shot a nuclear power businessman in the leg and promised more such shootings. Across Mexico, nanotech researchers and their facilities are being hit with bombs, and security at some universities approaches what we do at airports.

    All over Western Europe, experiments with GM crops have ground to a halt due to a decade and a half of vandalism and farmers — who have the legal right to plant GM crops — have seen their crops destroyed by cheering crowds.

    If the US is a ‘special case’, it’s that we’re quite a bit more civilized about ‘public debate’ than people elsewhere.

  9. Questioning the validity of the theories, data treatment and predictions is harassment? Openly doubting all the “tipping points” which will end civilization as we know it is harassment? Openly not believe that these folks know how to control the climate is harassment? We need a bit more harassment before those folks bankrupt us.

  10. Can we see some of the death threats?

    And last I checked, Steve McIntyre was doing the FOIA dance with the clowns at UEA, not Penn State.

    But they got one right. The supposed death threats yelled about in Oz did turn out to be a complete hoax.

  11. One supposes that if climate scientists did not want to be “harassed”, tormented by FOI requests, etc, they SHOULD HAVE STUCK TO SCIENCE and not jumped into the political arena. You folks wanted in with the big leagues and now you whine because you get a skinned knee in the game. Grow up. You want to play politics, and that is exactly what you are doing, you get banged up. You don’t see quantum physicists or most biologists getting slammed with FOI requests. You also don’t see them in the political arena much either. Do your research and stay out of politics or stop complaining about your “abuse”.

  12. I’m glad we live in a country where skeptics still have our voice. Surveys seem to show that many other countries have a populace of skeptics, even if they have a political class of believers (UK, Canada, Australia at least).
    FOI requests can become harassment. Lawsuits can be harassing rather than valid. But this cuts all directions; environmentalists have used these techniques for decades and it’s time they were hoist with their own petards.
    Tangentially related: some members of groups like Friends of the Yellowstone and Sierra Club, organizations which file suits in their corporate personas, are now supporters of initiatives to declare that “corporations aren’t people”. The logical extensions would be that corporations can’t sue starting with Sierra Club and NRDC and..Or even if they can sue, they wouldn’t have any legal protection for freedom of speech, property rights, etc.

  13. Believers, political “leadership” and orthodoxy. Let the inquisition begin.

  14. Government propagandists don’t have to worry about Freedom of Information requests in North Korea. That’s where I’d move if I were a climatist.

  15. What a blazing crock of BS. The so-called scientific method requires putting your conclusions and data out there in the wild to be savaged by others in the quest for truth. If your work holds up you are then given the appropriate pat on the back. Otherwise, you are sent down to redo your work until it DOES stand up to scrutiny. duh.

    Apparently this silly cow is uneducated… but then that seems a tad obvious from her complaint.

  16. Imagine a people so rude as to question the “science” of the likes of Al Gore and and Big Bird, who want us to buy their “carbon credits” becasue they say so. Imagine that !

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