Where’s Al Gore?

He’s missing? We hadn’t noticed. Apparently some have though:

In 2008, Al Gore strode onto the stage at Denver’s Invesco Field to a hero’s welcome, throwing his support behind Barack Obama to take on the “global climate crisis.”

When Obama takes the stage this week, Gore will be nowhere in sight.

He isn’t coming to the Democratic National Convention but is spending the week in New York City, anchoring coverage of the event for his network Current TV.

Gore’s evolution over the past four years — from a central figure in the Democratic Party to a no-show at its biggest event — matches what has happened to the issue of climate change itself, which moved to the sidelines alongside its chief crusader, environmentalists and some Democrats say.


4 responses to “Where’s Al Gore?

  1. It is possible that our bad economy is responsible for the dimming of AGW movement. However, I postulate that the revelations of Climate-gate, the lack of material global warming for 15 years, the revelations of official altering of historical climate records to make things look worse, the studies that show alleged water vapor forcings are actually negative, not positive ….. all might have something to do with it as well.

  2. perhaps the greenies are wising up and as the Japanese are prone to do: send the disgraced to a ‘corner office’. Which is truly inconvenient. He was a skeptic’s best tool.

  3. Teh Goracle is sitting back enjoying the millions he skimmed off of this scam. He and his buddies will be back. Every time has its P.T. Barnum.

  4. I don’t know whether Gore is a liar – a cheat or just misguided but what sticks in my craw is that some idiot here in NZ has invited the guy to do a public talk – I cannot believe that there are enough misguided folk in NZ to fill a hall so can only think that there has to be a political reason for bringing him here – he must be doing OK out of it given the asking price of a seat.

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