Study links high-sugar diet to brain shrinkage

NEW research linking a diet high in sugar and processed foods to brain shrinkage has prompted a rethink on safe blood sugar levels.

People with blood sugar levels of 4ml-6.1ml were found to have a greater risk of the brain atrophy that occurs with ageing and dementia, researchers at the Australian National University’s College of Medicine found.

These blood sugar levels are not high enough to meet the clinical definition for type 2 diabetes and are at the upper end of the normal range, which has surprised researchers.

The research may force doctors to redefine what blood glucose levels are dangerous.

The study found that the loss of brain volume affected mostly memory and cognitive skills.

Dr Nicolas Cherbuin, who conducted the study, said the research suggested long-term exposure to foods like sugary drinks and white flour were responsible for the problem.

Previous medical research found higher levels of brain shrinkage among the obese and patients with type 2 diabetes.

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