Ford Attempts to Gain Traction in the Hybrid Car Market

Taking advantage of unpredictable gas prices and a rising consumer interest in all things green, auto-maker Ford is finally making its way into sales of dedicated hybrid vehicles with its freshly announced 2013 C-Max line.

The hybrid auto niche has long been dominated by Toyota and its popular Prius, with major players lke Hyundai, Kia and General Motors working their way into top spots as well, making Ford a relative latecomer at risk of being overshadowed by the competition; while Ford has released hybrid versions of its existing models in years past, the C-Max compact crossover stands as its first dedicated hybrid line.

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8 responses to “Ford Attempts to Gain Traction in the Hybrid Car Market

  1. So long as hybrids are significantly more expensive than conventional autos the time to break even is often longer than the time most people keep their cars.

    Also the added complexity of hybrids increases potential repair costs.

  2. Ford is often late to the market. Their jumping in may mean the age of the hybrid car is near over.

  3. A wise man learns from his mistakes; a smart man learns from the mistakes of others. Ford should hang back and let the others make the big, expensive marketing mistakes.

  4. the payback on these things is negative for most folks as the cars do not get the mileage they advertise, for many drivers.

    In addition, the cost of pollution per mile based on total cost of pollution rather than immediate pollution from just driving the vehicle is greater for a hybrid than for a Hummer according to two independent university studies.

  5. Why are not the costs and pollution of recycling hybrid batteries of any kind, not included in the costs of driving such cars? Assuming the hybrids can last that long.

  6. Hybrids are “blinder green”, meaning hybrid cars are green as long as the whole process of making the components and the pollution they create aren’t seen by greenies. Then when the greenies drive hybrids they have the illusion they’re saving the world.

  7. I like the date of this post. On the 4th of September 55 years ago Ford released a new car they thought so highly of that they had TV show made for it, ready for the vast customer interest. What could possibly go wrong?

  8. It is to bad that Ford doesn’t release C-Max Grand with a diesel engine like they have in Europe.

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