$5.8 million grant from NSF for education on climate change

$5.8 million grant from NSF for education on climate change  

Further to Follow the Warming Money, here we find the National Science Foundation funding  the “Maryland Delaware Climate Change Education and Assessment project”

Teachers in Delaware and Maryland will have new climate change science resources to implement into the classroom due to a multi-million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation.

 Dean of the College of Earth, Ocean and Environment Nancy Targett said the partnership brings together climate scientists, teachers and curriculum developers to create a K-12 curriculum using new data and information specific to Delmarva.

The $5.8 million grant received on Aug. 15 will fund the Maryland Delaware Climate Change Education and Assessment project, a collaborative partnership between the University of Delaware and University of Maryland to improve climate change education.
“The grant also includes an effort to improve climate change education in the university curriculum within the two states, particularly for students going into the science education field,” she said.

With that objective in mind, Targett said a regional partnership was proposed with the University of Maryland since both states have similar climate change concerns that impact citizens environmentally and politically, such as high sea levels.

Both states are actively participating in climate change by means of clean renewable energy such as wind and solar energy, which makes the project appealing to the NSF, Boesch said. He said commitment is crucial when the topic of climate change has in some cases become a political issue.

“Unfortunately, in some states climate change has become politicized and consequently not received enough attention,” he said. “Our states recognize the risks and are trying to prepare for it as effectively as we can through our teaching methods and educating young people.”

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3 responses to “$5.8 million grant from NSF for education on climate change

  1. That last paragraph is a fraudulent arrangement of bureaucrat-speak. Rephrasing without the bias: In some states, they want to wait for the science before they go for indoctrination. Consequently, our agenda has not been enacted there. Because of the cetainty of change centuries from now, we have to educate young people that they have to do what we come up with that pretends to stop the inevitable. — This assoicated with an organization called the National Science Foundation. More misrepresentation. They should at least change their name to something more honest like National Alarmist and Government Union.

  2. As I have said elsewhere a number of times, climate change is now part of popular culture. We’re in the position of Galileo so long ago. The truth simply will not matter to so many people that this will go on for a long time. There are numerous reasons — power, money, even ignorance now has a vested interest in climate change being good science.

    Don’t stop the fight but we need to recognize what we’re really up against.

  3. Amen, roywh! Most of my friends, relatives and loved ones simply don’t want to hear the actual truth or the real science. They’ve “learned” otherwise from the mass media. That’s what I perceive to be the main problem. Bias or ignorance on the media’s part.

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