Public relations fail, straight from the green wackos – updated

Even though it is Fathers’ Day in the land Down-Under and I have a father to fete and children with whom to celebrate I must just share some correspondence received, apparently sincerely*, from dipsticks wanting you to not have children and to euthanize your pets. I kid you not.

* Yup, I got caught. Apparently this email if effective although not genuine. Serves me right for allowing predisposition to think ill of the green wacko-brigade causing me to post before checking (I generally don’t go to the wacko sites but just delete their missives).

The “letter” below is actually a book promo, I’m told. – back to the original post. *

Dear Mr. Pollution,

You people need to learn a thing or two about Global Warming. Everyday living is destructive to the Environment. One of the most important ways people can help save the environment is to STOP HAVING BABIES. Another very important thing you can do is to euthanize your pet. Our company sells Carbon Credits which are the only hope of saving the planet.

For the sake of the planet, we need to act before it’s too late.

Please visit our company’s website for more information.

Daphne Tremayne
Vice President, Public Relations

Bold mine, caps in original.

Personally Daphne, I’d call that a public relations fail.

Parenthetically, anyone seeking carbon credits for personal absolution can get them free here.

Happy Dads’ Day.

7 responses to “Public relations fail, straight from the green wackos – updated

  1. Need to read the fine print at the bottom of the page:

    ” Daphne Tremayne is a fictitious character in the book Biodiesel: A Novel by George H. Monahan. That’s not really a picture of her. In fact, everything at this website is satirical.”

  2. I await reports of Daphne’s suicide.

  3. Honestly, look at the bright side. You don’t want people like this to reproduce do you?

  4. No Sean, you do not.

  5. The site is a hilarious satire spawned from the book “Biodiesel” which actually mentions the site with ridicule. There are discount coupons available to euthanize your pet with “Blunt Force Trauma” for god’s sakes. I laughed my carbon filled head off. They even offer a reward for the whereabouts of the author of “Biodiesel”. So funny.

  6. Dear Fellow Environmentalist,

    GreenTremayne announces commencement of its “Erase Your Carbon Footprint” Sweepstakes.

    All contestants are eligible to win a Grand Prize of 100 GreenTremayne Carbon Credits!
    In addition, winners will be invited to appear with Vincent and Daphne Tremayne on Planet Celebrity’s hottest new reality show, Lifestyles of the Extravagantly Fabulous! Contest ends 12/31/2012. Prizes are non-transferable and may not be combined with GreenTremayne Baby Credits or GreenTremayne Funeral Credits.

    For more details, visit our company web site:

    For more information about reducing your overall Carbon Footprint please visit

    Daphne Tremayne
    Vice President, Public Relations

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