Lead ammunition still hampers condor recovery

A program aimed at restoring the endangered California condor to much of its historic range across the Southwest remains hampered by lead poisonings, shootings and predation but is making marked improvements in other areas, wildlife officials say.

A five-year review of the program released this week shows an increase in free-ranging condors and breeding pairs. But remnants of lead ammunition threaten the success of the program, which began in 1996, when the condors were nearly extinct.

The condors — North America’s largest land bird — feast on the carcasses of deer and coyotes that are left behind by hunters.

Agencies partnering in the reintroduction effort say they might have to reevaluate it if extreme lead exposure isn’t reduced by the end of 2016, and if condors keep dying from ingesting lead.

Chris Parish, head of the Peregrine Fund’s condor recovery program in Arizona, said wildlife officials don’t know yet whether it was enough to ban lead ammunition in the condor’s range in California and depend on the willingness of hunters in Arizona to give up lead ammunition, and a program that provides hunters in Utah with non-lead ammunition.

Associated Press

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5 responses to “Lead ammunition still hampers condor recovery

  1. The condor is a prop to attack hunters/hunting. The greenies simply can’t be trusted to tell the truth.Any dead condor will be blamed on lead ammunition. No autopsy required.

  2. Of course no greenie would dare utter “Condor dead” and “wind turbine” in the same sentence.

  3. If lead is as serious as they say, at least it’s better than using poison 1080 to kill some animals used for bait to kill coyotes, which would kill condors.

  4. If lead affects condor’s, it should also affect buzzards in the same way, but I don’t see a shortage of buzzards anywhere. Coyotes eat the same dead animals that condor’s do, seems to be a good population of coyotes everywhere. The greenie’s have been trying to ban lead all over the U.S. Just like they used the Spotted Owl to shut down the timber industry in the northwest, they’ll use the condor to shut down hunting in California or anywhere else, if they can. Look at the mercury thermometer, it had to be band because they said people could get mercury poisoning from it. Then they turn around and make us get rid of our non polluting light bulbs, and make us use light bulbs with mercury in them, because they save energy, that’s a joke also. Now, if you break a bulb, your suppose to call a hazmat team in to clean them up.

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