Contradictory Statements By The American Meterological Society – Comments On The New Statement Titled “Climate Change”

In response to a request for further inconsistencies in the AMS Statement, I have reproduced my comment to a colleague of mine

The AMS Statement itself contradicts itself.

Climate Science: Roger Pielke Sr.

3 responses to “Contradictory Statements By The American Meterological Society – Comments On The New Statement Titled “Climate Change”

  1. It seems that we’ve had material reason to believe that perhaps the entire warming of the past century can’t be reliably determined (I’m speaking of the new pristine 114 site US temperature stations that show materially lower temperatures than the ones we have been relying on). In addition it appears there’s reason to believe that the historical data has been fudged to make more recent temperatures warmer and more long-ago temperatures colder, therefore “establishing warming.” (and then there’s the hockey stick, along the same lines). Finally, there seems to be a better correlation of temperature with the deep ocean current cycles than with either CO2 or insolation.

    Then there’s Climate-gate.

    So why are we still upset by this climate scare?

    • Add to that david whether global mean temperature is even a useful metric.

      Satellite-mounted microwave sounding units give a near-global coverage and suggest there has been slight increase in lower tropospheric temperature, so it is reasonable to believe there has been some warming and not just tampering with the datasets.

      That said we’ve never found any reason to worry about the earth warming a bit – beats the heck out of cooling and we certainly haven’t found support for the marvelous magical multipliers used to generate claims of looming catastrophic anthropogenic global warming.

  2. I agree entirely. If you are too hot there is always some cold water around to jump into. But if you are cold, you have to pay energy bills to stay warm. Simple. Of course, if you live in certain parts of New Zealand, and aren’t afraid of earthquakes, the reverse is true. (Hot springs). But Kiwis are a rare species, everyone knows that.

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