You’d think Molina would keep a very low profile after the ozone debacle

I guess this is to be expected – Molina was integral to the Montreal Protocol nonsense, which was kind of a stalking horse for Kyoto and the climate crap. One pretend problem or two, what’s the difference?

Nobel prize-winning scientist cites evidence of link between extreme weather, global warming

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 20, 2012 — New scientific analysis strengthens the view that record-breaking summer heat, crop-withering drought and other extreme weather events in recent years do, indeed, result from human activity and global warming, Nobel Laureate Mario J. Molina, Ph.D., said here today.

Molina, who shared the 1995 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for helping save the world from the consequences of ozone depletion, presented the keynote address at the 244th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society, the world’s largest scientific society. The meeting, which features about 8,600 reports with an anticipated attendance of 14,000 scientists and others continues here through Thursday.

“People may not be aware that important changes have occurred in the scientific understanding of the extreme weather events that are in the headlines,” Molina said. “They are now more clearly connected to human activities, such as the release of carbon dioxide ― the main greenhouse gas ― from burning coal and other fossil fuels.”

Molina emphasized that there is no “absolute certainty” that global warming is causing extreme weather events. But he said that scientific insights during the last year or so strengthen the link. Even if the scientific evidence continues to fall short of the absolute certainly measure, the heat, drought, severe storms and other weather extremes may prove beneficial in making the public more aware of global warming and the need for action, said Molina.

“It’s important that people are doing more than just hearing about global warming,” he said. “People may be feeling it, experiencing the impact on food prices, getting a glimpse of what everyday life may be like in the future, unless we as a society take action.”

Molina, who is with the University of California, San Diego, suggested a course of action based on an international agreement like the Montreal Protocol that phased out substances responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer.


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4 responses to “You’d think Molina would keep a very low profile after the ozone debacle

  1. Why is Molina speaking out now?

    World leaders and leaders of the scientific community are losing the debate in public: Old debts are now being collected.

    “Reclaim Your Birthright !” to avoid slipping further into George Orwell’s “1984 !”

    That conclusion from the corruption of science

    Is the basis of a new video from High School students in San Diego: “Voices Without A Vote”

    Since both political parties seem to have been involved in promoting misinformation since 1945, I cannot personally endorse either political party for the solution.

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel

  2. 1945 ? Man, you hold a grudge, Olly!

    The Tea Party conservatives are getting hold of the GOP, so go with the Republicans for now. But you are right to keep an eye on them.

  3. Molina did not fail in the eyes of the public. Remember, those knowledgeable about environmental science are in the extreme minority even among the educated. When I did a presentation in college, to chemical engineering juniors, on global warming, an audible murmor went through the crowd when I stated the rate of warming. Educated students of ENGINEERING IN HOUSTON of all places (the city of oil) did not have a clue about what the rate of warming was.

    The lay man is convinced that the ozone hole is past Rio de Janeiro and growing, that we have risen 4-5 C already over the past century and that only lunatics doubt this. The casual observer over 40 will note the cleaner air, but typically will think it a local anomaly. Go to any major news message board and post that the air is cleaner, and you will be thumbs-downed to the cellar in minutes.

    The battle isn’t over, and the war has hardly begun.

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