Dennis Ambler: Global Warming: a Marxist perspective

With the recent Rio+20 green fest now over, but with the underlying agenda continuing in myriad different ways because of the insidious impact of Agenda 21, this article in a Marxist journal describes exactly what is behind the the activities of the UN.

The impacts of global warming fall disproportionately on the poor. The effects will manifest themselves in lots of ways: more expensive foods, a shortage of water, less fertile soil, and more extreme weather. Those who will suffer (and already are suffering) as a result are ordinary working and middle class people, peasant farmers – in short, everyone except the super-rich, who can always up sticks and move to a more pleasant climate. Although at the moment the effects are largely confined to the so-called third world, they are already starting to impact on the richer countries.

This means that global warming is not just a scientific issue, but a class issue.

“The dialectical nature of climate change is a striking confirmation of the philosophy of dialectical materialism developed by the founders of scientific socialism, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. In his unfinished book The Dialectics of Nature, Engels provides us with an explanation of dialectical materialism: “the transformation of quantity and quality – mutual penetration of polar opposites and transformation into each other when carried to extremes – This is confirmed to be just as correct for global warming, particularly through the discovery of ‘tipping points’, as in other aspects of science and nature.

Solving environmental issues would require investment in new research, industry and technique, which the capitalist class is incapable of. Even in the previous period of economic growth before the economic crisis, investment from the private sector in clean technology such as solar panels or wind turbines was minimal.

They do have some insight, as we know, green subsidies brought global companies such as GE, BP, Shell and others, onto the global warming bandwagon:


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3 responses to “Dennis Ambler: Global Warming: a Marxist perspective

  1. Green subsidies brought GE, BP, Shell and others to the corporate welfare feeding trough because they know that solar and wind are money losing propositions and that for the most part, only governments are stupid enough to waste vast sums of money on them. Because the government has done an excellent job of brainwashing our young in the public school sector to believe this drivel, and failed to teach them critical thinking to see past the lies, it is amazing the entire country has not swallowed this AWG rot. Thanks to sites like this, the lies are exposed.

  2. “Dialectical materialism.” The old ‘philosophy’ which proposes that every economic order grows to a state of maximum efficiency, while simultaneously developing internal contradictions and weaknesses that contribute to its systemic decay.
    The only justification for adopting this nihilistic approach to social and cultural change is to facilitate exploiting the change (in the most Machiavellian way) to rise to the top while ensuring those already at the top become submerged.
    Thus the Marxists betray themselves as wanna-be tyrants.

  3. Oil Industry follower

    Shell and BP spat the dummy a few years ago. They are no longer working with governments on finding a (political) solution to CO2 production.

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