Al Gore praises inspirational Australia

Al, even more full of it than usual. Since when are laughing stocks “inspirational”?

The Gillard government’s carbon price has already “inspired the world” to press ahead with measures to tackle climate change, former US vice-president Al Gore says.

Labelling Australia one of the “canaries in the coalmine” for the effects of global warming, Mr Gore told a breakfast launch in Canberra of a new Climate Commission report there was much cause for optimism about global efforts to solve the problem.

Speaking via video presentation, Mr Gore said that the Queensland floods and Black Saturday bushfires of recent years showed that “we must act now”.

“The consequences of the climate crisis, of course, are already visible all round the world, and some of the worst, unfortunately, can be seen in Australia over the last few years,” Mr Gore said.


2 responses to “Al Gore praises inspirational Australia

  1. If Mr. Gore had ever read Australia’s famous author Henry Lawson, he would have learnt that Australia actually needed to act on disastrous global warming floods and droughts over a hundred years ago – like, before he even thought about being born. Poor thing.

  2. Delusions of grandeur.

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