Trees found to be emitting methane gas

Unfortunate quote of the moment: ““There’s methane sneaking out the back door,” Covey said

It’s time to add gassy trees to the list of climate concerns.

According to a new study by Yale University’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, diseased trees may be releasing unusually large amounts of methane gas into the air. If the data holds up, it could alter forest management strategies around the world and change the calculations for how much trees are able to offset carbon emissions.

“If we’re using forests as a climate mitigation tool, we have to know what we’re getting,” said Kristofer Covey, a Ph.D. candidate who worked on the study. “Carbon offsets could be changed somewhat by this.”

To be sure, the new findings don’t negate the beneficial aspects of trees, which absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. But it may give foresters some pause in thinking about what mix of age and species of trees is ideal for the environment.

Associated Press

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3 responses to “Trees found to be emitting methane gas

  1. My trees fart all the time.

  2. In English, cutting down old forests, replanting with new, thinning out diseased trees and damaged trees (what private forest management has always done) would reduce the methane problem of forests. Answer: return all forests to private ownership and management – eliminate the US Forestry Service.

  3. Make tree huggers subject to “Cap & Trade” taxes.

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