Green Weenie Of The Week: Jerry Brown

I know what you’re thinking: what took so long for Jerry Brown to be awarded our coveted Green Weenie?

He certainly deserves a Lifetime Weenie for his record as governor back in the 1970s, and again for pushing the recent mandate that California get one-third of its electricity from “renewable” sources by the year 2020.

But what pushes him over the finish line this week is the news that Brown has launched a state-sponsored and funded website to refute climate change skeptics:


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2 responses to “Green Weenie Of The Week: Jerry Brown

  1. From the Jerry Brown web site:
    “Many of the deniers share some traits:
    Many receive funding for their efforts from industries with a financial interest in ignoring climate change. Oil companies, coal-burning electric utilities, and other companies that make their profits from burning fossil fuels have funded denier organizations and scientists, just as tobacco companies funded people who claimed that second-hand smoke was safe.”

  2. Governor MOONBEAM That should explain it.

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