Ben Cubby, still dumb as a doorknob: Sun rises on a renewable wind blowing through global energy industry

THIS year is likely to be seen by future historians as the ”tipping point, the beginning of the clean energy era” when the world turned decisively towards renewable energy, according to the chief of Australia’s Climate Commission, Tim Flannery.

Um, no. Useless pretend energy sources are being scrapped and economy-wrecking subsidies slashed globally. Wind and solar are crap dilute and intermittent sources, always will be. “Climate Commissioner” Tim Flannery is an airhead clinging desperately to the dying gorebull warbling meme that has gifted him wealth and notoriety. With improvements in technology now unlocking vast new resources this will be seen as the second dawn of the age of hydrocarbons and the threshold of new development for humanity – and that just burns the misanthropes’ butts.

Professor Flannery will try to shift debate in Australia so that solar and wind power are increasingly seen as a centrepiece of the nation’s energy mix, starting with a speech today at a Committee for Economic Development of Australia event in Melbourne.

”The global trends we have seen take place this year are not now going to be reversed – it’s like a juggernaut,” he told the Herald. ”We’ve come out of a period where the debate in Australia is very ‘low value’ in terms of renewables, but we are seeing a clear shift now in a way that we’ve never seen before.”

Professor Flannery pointed to Germany’s new energy policy, which sidelines nuclear power in favour of solar and wind energy, rapidly dropping solar panel prices around the world, and India’s embrace of ”distributed” energy networks at the expense of centralised, fossil-fuelled power stations.

Investment in renewable power has increased sixfold since 2004, and for the first time businesses around the world are investing more in renewables than coal, oil and gas, he said, citing data from Bloomberg new energy finance.

”When we try to look forward a decade, with the last decade as our yardstick, what do we imagine our country will be like?” Professor Flannery asks in his speech.

”It’s hard to avoid the idea that solar and wind will be commonplace, and that this will drive a transformation in how we move and use electricity.

”Globally it’s clear that an irreversible trend has set in. Neither India nor Africa will follow the traditional model of economic development, but are likely to base their energy systems on renewables, driving down price and pioneering new ways of using clean power.” If the Coalition were to form government and repeal Australia’s carbon price after next year’s election, it would not have a significant effect on global trends, Professor Flannery said. ”It will be interesting to see what happens [but] if you look at the big picture, it is hard to imagine the current trend being reversed,” he said.”


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2 responses to “Ben Cubby, still dumb as a doorknob: Sun rises on a renewable wind blowing through global energy industry

  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    Ben, the entire Chinese solar PV industry is effectively bankrupt. The Chinese themselves are saying this.

    He’s right about the tipping point but he accidentally left off a minus sign.

    Meanwhile Tim Flannery’s shares in geothermal company Geodynamics Ltd continue to er, sparkle. Such a good investment that one can see why our Tim still needs his $180,000 a year 3 day a week Climate Commission job.

  2. Darling Tim leaves us another quote with which to deride him at some distant, or not so distant, point in the future.
    He can’t help himself. Foot in Mouth is the new look, the must-have trend…and it suits him.
    I’m just waiting for Andrew Bolt to sink his teeth into this one. That should be fun.

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