Luboš Motl reviews “Earth 2100″

Sorry, I won’t proofread the text below because I found the program extraordinarily stupid and decided that I have already wasted way too much time with it. Apologies for all the mistakes in the text below that remain uncorrected.

An hour ago, the History channel (now called just “History”) aired the 2009 catastrophic movie called Earth 2100. (Hat tip: Popular Technology.) If you have 84 spare minutes, you may watch it below.

You will be amazed to find out that ABC wasn’t discouraged by the fact that one of the crazy folks that predict the civilization to be doomed by 2100 is a convicted criminal and liar and a proven asshole. Indeed, go e.g. to 54:39 to enjoy Peter Gleick.

The Reference Frame

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3 responses to “Luboš Motl reviews “Earth 2100″

  1. Reads like this film is in the same genre as that climate-change abomination “The Day after Tomorrow,” which still atrophies minds by being aired every couple of weeks or so on History or Discovery Channel, 8 years after its release. (I’ve also noted to be careful never to cross Lumo.)

  2. The problem isn’t the films, it’s that people confuse reality and fiction. The new computer commercial featuring the 5th grader “flying” on her PC should serve as all the proof needed that people are clueless.

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