Chicago to Build $3 Billion Coal Gasification Plant

The Chicago Clean Energy project is a gasification plant which will produce synthetic natural gas from coal and petroleum coke.

The facility will cost about $3 billion and is estimated to create more than $10 billion in economic output for the state of Illinois, 2,000 new jobs, and $1.25 billion in tax revenues.

The natural gas produced will equate to about five percent of Illinois’ annual demand, and provide a fuel source to be used in power plants which is 99 percent cleaner than that used in conventional power plants.

The project will also include a carbon capture system intended to trap 85 percent of the carbon dioxide produced during the gasification process; making it one of the cleanest facilities in the world.

By producing natural gas locally, Chicago energy consumers are expected to save more than $1 billion over the next 30 years.


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6 responses to “Chicago to Build $3 Billion Coal Gasification Plant

  1. Why? What will the price premium for manufactured gas be above natural gas?

    • It’s about government getting control of the energy supply. And they don’t care what it will cost consumers.

  2. Must be a “jobs program.” Only politicians can dream up (and get away with) such uneconomic ways to spend other people’s money, to buy votes, to keep themselves in office.

  3. Illinois is just behind California in the race to financial disaster. They can’t pay the Medicaid bills, the teachers, fire and police pensions, and road upkeep. Hopefully, some community organizer will stop them because of a lack of minority participation or failure to consider a snail or minnow in the environmental impact statement.

  4. Snorbert Zangox

    So, we are returning to those thrilling days of yesteryear when every town had a town gas plant to provide gas for the street lights. How charming. Will this process also produce the coal tar residual that was full of benzo-a pyrene and polynuclear nitrosamines that we have all come to know and love? I suppose that the job of street light lighter will be considered a green job.

  5. It looks like the EPA should ban the plant as being a pollution source, but that won’t happen. They will probably be allowed to dump straight into lake Michigan.

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