Well, yee-haw! China’s 1st CCS Project Captures 40,000 Tonnes of CO2

China’s first carbon capture and storage (CCS) demonstration project sealed off more than 40,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide in the past 15 months in north China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, operators told Xinhua Monday.

As an environmental protection project of China’s megaton direct liquefaction coal project, the CCS project was listed as a national key technology project and was implemented by China’s leading coal company Shenhua Group Corporation Ltd, located in Wulanmulun, Erjinhoro Banner, Inner Mongolia.

The project proved China as the first country able to realize the entire process of capturing carbon dioxide and sealing it in saline aquifers, said Shu Geping, general engineer of China Shenhua Coal to Liquid and Chemical Co., Ltd.

Experiments and research are still underway and the goal of sealing 300,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide is expected to be realized in June 2014, Shu said.


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4 responses to “Well, yee-haw! China’s 1st CCS Project Captures 40,000 Tonnes of CO2

  1. Wouldn’t they be way better off ‘capturing’ their infernal air pollution instead of wasting assets on deleting plant food?

    • Ben of Houston

      The Chinese are not concerned with air quality. They are concerned with grabbing headlines and achieving goals before the West, especially America. They are quite willing to sacrifice their own people for these accolades.

  2. stpaulchuck is so right! The pollution levels in Beijing are so high that the airport sometimes has to close. People are starving in China. They should use the CO2 for plant food and work on removing the heavy particulates from the air. This CO2 capture seems like a massive waste of money and greater massive demonstration of stupidity.

  3. I remember spending 11 days in China in 1997. I was never sure when dawn was. The sky just gradually brightened from a sodium light glow to an orangeish smog. On the last day of the trip, I looked up & say a small patch of sky that the moon could fit in if it had risen. That small patch reminded me of the Dr Seuss story, where the count down all the forests except for one spot surrounded by a circle of stones. A decade later is was better. But that was because they moved heavy industry away from Beijing for the Olympics.

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