Fred Krupp: A New Climate-Change Consensus

It’s time for conservatives to compete with liberals to devise the best, most cost-effective climate solutions.

Wa-ay ahead of you Fred. The best – in fact only viable response whether enhanced greenhouse is a problem or not – is flat out, no regrets development. And the sooner the obstructionists (including you, Fred) get the heck out of the way the sooner we get all this mess cleaned up and progress back on track.

One scorching summer doesn’t confirm that climate change is real any more than a white Christmas proves it’s a hoax. What matters is the trend—a decades-long march toward hotter and wilder weather. But with more than 26,000 heat records broken in the last 12 months and pervasive drought turning nearly half of all U.S. counties into federal disaster areas, many data-driven climate skeptics are reassessing the issue.

Respected Republican leaders like Govs. John Kasich of Ohio and Chris Christie of New Jersey have spoken out about the reality of climate change. Rupert Murdoch’s recent tweet—”Climate change very slow but real. So far all cures worse than disease.”—may reflect an emerging conservative view. Even Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson, during public comments in June, conceded the reality of climate change while offering assurances that “there will be an engineering solution” and “we’ll adapt.”

Even if my outlook differs, these views may turn out to be a welcome turning point. For too long, the U.S. has had two camps talking past each other on this issue. One camp tended to preach and derided questions about climate science as evidence of bad motivation. The other camp claimed that climate science was an academic scam designed to get more funding, and that advocates for action were out to strangle economic growth. Charges of bad faith on both sides—and a heavy dose of partisan politics—saw to it that constructive conversation rarely occurred.


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4 responses to “Fred Krupp: A New Climate-Change Consensus

  1. The correct response to any climate change is to use our technology and adapt to the change instead of trying to return to the Stone Age. Republicans should be pushing for less regulations so developers can create more energy efficient devices (for real, not Energy Star crap). If the sea level rises, we need places for these people to go. Better high rises. We need more efficient farming methods on less land–not organic, lest we all starve to death. Oh, and don’t worry about greed and corruption in this. We have a long way to go to beat the lies and deceptions of the “benevolent greens”.

  2. The fatal error is the almost religious belief that climate change is “problem” that humans can and should do something about. I doubt that some of the greenies will ever be convinced that it is not, so enamoured are they with their own delusions of omnipotence.
    It is not a problem.
    It is not something that human should do something about.
    It is not something that humans CAN do something about.

  3. Krupp this week gets the coveted Green Weenie for that WSJ effort.

  4. What does a lawyer do when he senses his client is about to get sent up for life without parole? He offers to plea bargain. Nice try, but too late.

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