Art Horn: Will The Rising Oceans Be Our Downfall?

The night was almost four years ago. Candidate Obama had defeated John McCain. This victory was to introduce a new and magnificent period of “hope and change” to America. The bad old Republicans and their money grubbing ways had been swept into the past. The changes to come would be breathtaking! There would be so much hope and so much change that, according to the new President his election signaled that “This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal”.

Whether he actually believed what he said or not, the statement was intended to impress. This proclamation was nothing more than a corpulent bloviation meant for the teary eyed, gullible people who might believe such things were possible. To even imply that his election to the Presidency could in some way stop the oceans from rising was a comical statement worthy of the best of Saturday Night Live. I’m afraid to some it actually had real meaning.

Abundant, accessible and affordable energy is the glue that binds civilizations together and enables them to adhere to policies that encourage growth and prosperity. In his three and one half years as President, Mr. Obama has categorically shown that he is totally opposed to expanding our abundant, accessible and affordable energy industry. He blocked the building of the XL pipeline. He promised to open up offshore drilling sites off the east coast and then threw up all kinds of road blocks to prevent it. His EPA is actively at war with the coal industry and is doing everything it can to shut the whole thing down.

Fossil fuel energy sources have propelled the American economy to unprecedented stellar heights over the last 100 years. Now in the fall of 2012 we are on the precipice of possibly re-electing the only United States President ever who is passionately dedicated to dismantling the entire energy system. This is unprecedented and extremely dangerous. And yet those who will vote for him again seem to be completely oblivious to it. If President Obama is granted another term his weapon of choice will be the same he has embraced in his first term, man made global warming and the rising oceans it will cause.

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4 responses to “Art Horn: Will The Rising Oceans Be Our Downfall?

  1. I’m surprised that the AGW alarmists get away with assuming that the climate would be static and sea level rise would be zero were it not for man destroying the climate. We should be able to react and adapt to an 8″-11″ per century sea level rise.

    • Consider this too Bob, the sea level rises are falling off at a logrithmic rate for the last 10,000 years.

      We’ve melted the biggest glacial ices coving the Northern hemisphere and are down to the left-overs. Most all of the current northern ices are actually floating in the sea so they cannot change sea level. The southern ices are in little danger at 20 below zero. Upper atmospheric temps are still below freezing so the high glaciers are not in any particular danger.

      Add to that, that contenents are still springing back up from releasing the pressure of a mile thick of ice and only the fringes of the contental shelves are in “danger” due to the weight of the siltation depressing these areas. I think I can outpace a tenth of an inch a year of rising ocean.

      • I figure I have to move something at the rate of 0.000004 mph to stay ahead of the rising tide. If I want to move faster, I can wait 200-300 centuries before reacting.

  2. “Whether he actually believed what he said or not, the statement was intended to impress.”

    Obama reads a teleprompter. Contemplating whether he means it or not is funny. He’s just reading it.

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