Phelim McAleer: Rewarded for breast-cancer lies

Breast cancer is uniquely frightening. Almost everyone knows someone who’s had it, and too many of us know someone it’s killed.

More than 40,000 Americans died of breast cancer last year alone — more than were killed in traffic accidents. Many of the dead are young mothers.

So what are we to think of someone who irresponsibly rings a false alarm about breast cancer — simply to serve his own agenda?

Imagine someone telling people that they are living in an area where the chances of developing breast cancer are shockingly high; picture the alarm and worry.

Then imagine if that same person had made up the story — yet was getting cheers from Hollywood stars for telling it.

Stop imagining: Filmmaker Josh Fox has done just that.

NY Post

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3 responses to “Phelim McAleer: Rewarded for breast-cancer lies

  1. Well, don’t worry folks, Asian women – that is – women in Asia (and Asian and non- Asian women outside of Asia) who eat a low meat, and high vegetable-based diet, are much less likely to get breast cancer. That’s all you need to know.

  2. I can’t understand the fun in scaring women about cancer. A BOO in a fun house is OK, but a BOO about cancer isn’t.

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