Indian coal mining a threat to tigers, Greenpeace warns

Activists demand suspension of clearances for new mines, days after blackout highlighted vulnerability of power supplies

Hmm… somehow I suspect Indians would rather have the fuel and electricity than predators with a propensity to eat people.

Coal mining for electricity generation is the biggest threat to India’s tigers, a Greenpeace report has warned.

The report, which comes just days after massive blackouts highlighted power shortages in India, demands a moratorium on clearances for new mines.

A hot-button issue in India, the question of tiger conservation pits the responsibility for preserving wildlife against the development needs of a country that witnessed the slowest economic growth in nine years in March and where hundreds of millions continue to live below the poverty line.

India is home to more than half of the world’s tigers, with 1,706 living in the wild, compared to 100,000 at the turn of the last century.

The country has witnessed an unprecedented increase in the number of new coal mines and coal-run power plants in the past five years, placing the lives of many endangered animals at risk, the environmental activists’ report released late on Wednesday says.


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One response to “Indian coal mining a threat to tigers, Greenpeace warns

  1. And let’s reintroduce cave bears, aurochs, wisents and wolves to W. Europe while we’re at it. And tear up their railways and autobahns that interfere with these creatures. They ought to tend to their own backyards before dictating terms to others.

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