Fish oil lowers air pollution risk.

Fish oil supplements might protect against adverse effects on the heart that are associated with particulate air pollution, a laboratory study with people has found.

After breathing the pollutants, heart rate variability and lipid levels – two measures of heart health – showed little change in those who had eaten fish oil supplements for a month. This is the first controlled experiment to look at the link and suggests that slight changes in the daily diet may counteract some health effects. The findings are most important for people who live in highly polluted areas in the world.


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2 responses to “Fish oil lowers air pollution risk.

  1. “Twenty-nine people aged 50 to 72 took either olive oil or fish oil supplements for a month and then breathed concentrated outdoor air that contained extremely high levels of particulate matter pollution.”

    Crime against humanity.

    • Only if you ignore the very real facts that short-term particulate matter has no significant impact on health. The EPA’s problem was their hypocrisy in claiming that PM2.5 was deadly and then doing the experiment.

      Besides, this performed research on the effects of vitamins on air pollution risk. It had an actual benefit that could not be found or even estimated otherwise. Even if it was slightly dangerous, this would be an acceptable test because it has a potential benefit.

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