Mark W. Hendrickson: A Book Review of Brian Sussman’s “Eco-Tyranny”

In “Eco-Tyranny,” author Brian Sussman sounds a timely and important warning: The radical “greens” are not in retreat. With the defeat of cap-and-trade legislation in 2010 and the increasingly discredited alarmist theory of anthropogenic global warming, the greens may have lowered their public profile; however, with the full cooperation of the Obama administration, they are forging ahead with their illiberal agenda of gaining ever more control over the American economy and people.

Sussman, a trained meteorologist and veteran San Francisco talk-show host, has followed up his 2010 demolition of the global warming quackery, “ Climategate ,” with a book that takes a big-picture view of the history, ideology, and goals of the anti-capitalist, anti-people green movement.

The event that drove Sussman to write “Eco-Tyranny” was a federal document to which a Department of Interior employee had alerted him. On October 5, 2009, President Obama signed an executive order titled, “Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance.” Although that title hints at the immense scope of the order, it understates the frightening extent to which it expands the power of the federal government and constricts the rights and liberty of private citizens. According to Sussman’s Interior Department insider, the long-term goal of President Obama’s “green team” is to “divide the country into sectors where all humans would be herded into urban hubs” while most of the land would be “returned to a natural state upon which humans would only be allowed to tread lightly.” (The full text of the 14-page executive order is reproduced in the appendix of “Eco-Tyranny.”)

Far too few Americans are aware that environmentalism is one of the most virulent illiberal ideologies in the world. Sussman traces the history of illiberal environmentalism from the 1800s up to the present, and he includes a helpful summary of key dates in the appendix.


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One response to “Mark W. Hendrickson: A Book Review of Brian Sussman’s “Eco-Tyranny”

  1. Listem well,’globalists’ are mislead by the awe of lab coats,scientists have grabbed the attention from GOD when Oppenheimer claimed the title with his “destroyer of worlds”,we have been sledding down hill faster and faster with all the ‘miracles’,yet they specifcaly created this hellish situation ,that these narcissitic professionals fall for tgeier ‘man created this mess ,look at these satelite images show’.If they were not so ‘elite’ tyey might learn that this is ending up as the prelude to a littoe ice age.If co2 is heating the atmosphere,then why is it thining with water up in the ionosphere?Now do your homework ,as this could be a test.Stop being led around to the slaughter house horses.Long live VAVVKUM 1666,RUSSIA.Learn dag nabut!!!!!!

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