About that Müller…

I will grant he does like to at least pretend to play both sides of the fence, which can be truly disconcerting and yes, his claimed global warming skepticism was mostly a flag of convenience but he did speak fairly and honestly about the hockey stick fraud and hide the decline, for which he deserves due credit:

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3 responses to “About that Müller…

  1. Questioning the hockey stick doesn’t make one a skeptic … it makes you a scientist …

  2. Since the supposed temperatures are going up because of CO2 and the data does not track they have to cook data to justify the predetermined outcome.

  3. What is up with the camera, operated with about the same amount of skill as these “climate scientists”….

    He says “we know temperatures are going up, yet the data doesn’t show that, so the data is wrong” wtf????

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